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Artist Luciana Frigerio uses recycled books and precisely folds each page into the desired letters, using either Times or Helvetica as the font. Messages of love, song lyrics, and words of inspiration grow out of the center of each book in clever, eye-catching designs. More at My Modern Met: Permission granted by Luciana Frigerio. FOLLOW Luciana Frigerio: Website: Facebook: Etsy: Music: Real Ride by Nicolai Heidlas SUBSCRIBE to My Modern Met's Weekly Newsletter: FOLLOW us on social media: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+:

  1. [2017/12/31] 페이퍼 레이어링 아트 by artlab (382)
  2. [2014/01/03] 모둠 조형 만들기 by artlab (4932)
  3. [2014/01/03] 종이의 특성을 이용한 조형 원리의 표현 by artlab (8561)
  4. [2013/04/13] 왜 풀칠한 종이는 휘어버리나요? by artlab (4989)
  5. [2013/01/01] 도화지와 캔트지의 차이점 by artlab (8127)

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